A little about me...

I am a creator, primarily focused on using illustration and photography as storytelling and documentary mediums. I am interested in the worlds where few go, and finding the unique in places we consider common. 

I believe each project determines the approach, that the story is what makes us invest in its record, and that pictures, in whatever form, are critical to the imprint of a place, narrative, history or movement. 

My work touches on the world through travel, nature, human interest, editorial and picture-book visuals. I strive to use natural light and materials when possible, and engage technology when it's not. I prefer humor when appropriate, reverence when required and professionalism always. 

I hold a Bachelor of Media Arts from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, supplemented by two years training within the Visual Arts program at the Alberta College of Art and Design. 

I call Vancouver, BC home, but am available globally. 


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Please feel free to connect with me using the form below or directly at loudahlstudio@gmail.com.

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